Bulletin #9 19 July 2020

Club Changeover

A great start to the Rotary Year with DG Mark Humphries joining us for our club changeover online. Proud to be a member of eClub Latitude 38. Looking forward to continuing with our current projects in Cambodia and Vietnam and taking on some more this coming year. While physically travelling to Cambodia and Vietnam is being delayed due to travel restrictions we can still support our projects via our members and friends in country who will buy supplies for distribution there. Everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment but I ask that you consider purchasing some tickets in our online raffle. The online puzzle prizes are fantastic and all money raised will go towards our two overseas projects, one in Cambodia and one in Vietnam. While here in Australia we face restrictions, loss of jobs and concern for our family and friends, this nowhere near compares to what is happening in Cambodia and Vietnam at the moment with no government support available and relying totally on organisations like ours. 

Check out our current projects here and see details below on our raffle. Every little bit counts.


On-Line Clue Detective Puzzle Raffle

Your Chance To Win!

Amazing major prize plus multiple additional prizes to be won!

The Rotary eClub of Latitude 38 supports worthy causes both in Australia and internationally. For this fundraiser, all profits from ticket sales will go to securing the health care needs of vulnerable Vietnamese families and helping children in Cambodia to attend school through the purchase of essentials items. 

We are proud to offer you an opportunity to win puzzles and crosswords for a year, enough to get through the present situation we all find ourselves in. Puzzles are accessed online via your PC, laptop or smartphone. 24/7 access. 
The major prize will cover the yearly puzzling needs of between 1 and 25000 participants. How popular will you be if you win this! This is such a great idea for your local residential community, school, church, or extended family and friends. There are also 14 individual prizes for a yearly puzzling subscription.

Tickets are priced at $3.50 each, 3 tickets for $10, 5 tickets for $15, 8 tickets for $22, 20 tickets for $50

Buy your tickets here

Looking for a recipe to try?

Try one of these that have been helping us through the pandemic. Club members, submit your favourite pandemic recipes and I will add them to our list. Check them out here


MakeUp With Latitude 38

Can't make it to your local club meeting due to COVID-19 or other reasons? Do a makeup session with us or join one of our regular online meetings which are very easy to join via Zoom. 

See this page for more details or leave a message on our Facebook page and we can get back to you with more details and instructions if required. Feel free to donate via the makeup page if you wish as this helps support our projects.

Current Projects

With the impact of COVID-19 and how it affects developing countries like Cambodia and Vietnam it is now more important than ever that we continue to support and increase our fundraising efforts with these projects.  

Follow the links below for more information and details on how to support us. You can click on the Donate button to give to a project of your choice.

Cambodia Rice Drop

Vietnam Health Cards


Friends of Rotary eClub Latitude 38

Now it's even easier to become involved with your local Rotary Club. Becoming a Friend of Rotary eClub Latitude 38 allows those who share our ideals and objectives to participation in our activities without the responsibility of full membership. Find out more information and how to become a Friend of Rotary eClub Latitude 38 here. 
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