PACIFIC ISLANDS                     
LITERACY PROJECT               
Kits for 10 kids
For each box (5 ream A4 paper pack
– 320 x 220 x 280mm) we will need/would like
500 sheets (1 ream) paper
10 sheets A4 cardboard
20 small pieces of card
10 soft lead pencils (say B)
5 pencil sharpeners
5 erasers
20 colour crayons OR
 20 felt pens OR
  20 sticks chalk (white and coloured)
5 wooden rulers
5 pairs child’s craft scissors
5 units of paste or glue (suggest glue sticks)
50 paper clips
10 small bulldog clips
30 clothes pegs
1 two hole punch
1 ball of string
10 plastic storage bags
•           All boxes should be same size.  Materials will be shared by ten kids.
  •           Label – “Resource Kit for 10 Kids Pacific Islands Literacy Project”
•           Mark the name of the donating group or Rotary club and provide a contact address for return correspondence.