Project report from club member Judy.

Tracoma is an infectious disease caused by  “Bacterium Chlamydia Trachomatis” the infection is caused by a roughening of the inner surface of the eyelids.

We have sent 15 hygiene and sanitation kits of to Sally Dell our contact for the End Tracoma 2020 and these kits were then sent to the Northern Territory.

The kits were made up of family size toothpaste and container, soap and container, face washer, hand towel, family size shampoo and conditioner, roll on deodorant and carry bag.

In December a new project came up which was 2000 toiletry kits for children in the Northern Territory.

The project goal was –

  • To make toiletry and supply them to 2000 children across 30 schools in the Northern Territory with a goal of preventing Tracoma from transferring between children.
  • Establish an ongoing relationship with a partnering school local to the sponsoring Rotary Club.
  • To consider replenishing the consumable toiletries on an ongoing basis.

I approached the five primary schools in the Orbost/Marlo/Newmerella area and had two schools who participated in the project.(due to the kits having to be back by the end of school term).

Marlo Primary School sent 14 kits and Orbost Primary School sent 34 kits back to me then I sent them to Sally.

These kits were made up of a carry bag with face washer, hand towel, soap and container, toothbrush and container, shampoo and conditioner, brush or comb, deodorant, scrunchies, and a message from the school children.

Project contact - Judy