Welcome to meeting No.1

This is the first meeting of the Rotary eClub of Latitude 38. The club is attached to District 9820 in Eastern Victoria Australia but has potential members from other parts of the country.
Online meetings will be held on a monthly basis initially but once we are chartered, hopefully in the first half of 2015, we expect that meeting material will be posted on the website more regularly.
At each meeting, various activities will be listed and you are encouraged to work through them all. We hope also to have discussion boards and other means of conversation on this site. Participation in these activities and projects of this Rotary Club or another club will equate to attendance at a Rotary meeting.
We may also have a "live"meeting from time to time using online meeting technology such as Go-To-Meeting. These meetings would normally be Club Board meetings to which club members would be welcome to participate.
At some point we will have the capability for recording attendance and participation in Rotary projects as well as recognising "makeup" attendance for members of other clubs.
Your comments or questions on this process would be appreciated to me at briannorris1@bigpond.com or to Kerrie Schmidt at kerrie.l.schmidt@bigpond.com.
Brian Norris
Interim Website Manager    
Two Videos to watch
There are many micro-credit schemes operating in Australia and overseas. This could be a good way for our club to go in setting up our project structure.

Plus our regular weekly features...

23 February - Rotary's Anniversary
Family Week - Second week of February
The goal of Family Week is for Rotary clubs to connect with families in
their communities, particularly those that need extra attention. . Share
information on Family Week with club chairs.
o Recognize successful projects in your district. Domestic violence, child
abuse and neglect, drug and alcohol abuse, and gang activity are just a few
of the formidable challenges facing today's family.
o Clubs are urged to use this opportunity to promote family projects
already underway or think about starting new ones.

This officially ends meeting No.1

If you have an interesting topic, or project to share please contact me at briannorris1@bigpond.com

Thank you for joining us, we appreciate your feedback, hope you will return soon and invite a guest.