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Welcome to Meeting No. 114 of the Rotary eClub of Latitude 38 





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Louise Fresco
October is Rotary's Economic and Community Development Month

President's Message

I don't usually forward other club's bulletins around however I find the latest message from Steve Briggs, President of Traralgon interesting and of direct relevance to our club - if only people would think about us as we are doing Rotary a new evolving way.


Sometimes we get it wrong, but we are trying things in a different direction aimed at membership, service and friendship.


Here's Steve's message to his club:


Tradition is both a help and a hindrance and sometimes it takes wisdom to discern which of these a particular tradition might be. You have probably heard the question: “How many Rotarians does it take to change a light bulb?” (Answer: “What do you mean ‘change'?”). I must confess that I have been wondering if, eventually, we will need to be more flexible and imaginative in how and when we meet in order to gain and keep younger Rotarians. Don’t misunderstand me - I am not flexing my muscles as President, I don’t have any agenda but at some point in the next few years I think Rotary clubs everywhere will each have to have conversations about this and our club is no exception. I enjoy being part of Traralgon Rotary and I would like to think that future generations will be able to enjoy a similar experience.


Steve B.

31 October 2017




Deanne S.



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This week's meeting material
Carol's Story - Carol is our newest club member and she recently went to Cambodia for a hands-on Rotary Project. She writes " I was very privileged to be part of a group of Rotary Volunteers who took some 300 artificial hands to Cambodia in August 2016 to fit to amputees. We were a group of fourteen who met for the first time in terminal 2 at Changi Airport in Singapore, 2 South Australians, 1 lady from NSW, and the rest of us Queenslanders, including 3 of us from Townsville.  We each had to take approximately 20 hands in our baggage which challenged our packing abilities somewhat, and true to form I could have left half of my stuff behind!" Read on...
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This officially ends meeting No.114.
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