Welcome to meeting No.13 of the eClub of Latitude 38.

This week's meeting material  
This week we have a number of activities for you to get involved with and to give some feedback if you wish.
Brian Norris
Website Manager 
Possible items on our agenda for the futur
  • Partnership with Disaster Aid Australia - Jenny Hammet would like to take this forward
  • Development of a Crowdfunding scheme
  • Microcredit project - some interest from Pete Showell with this one.
  • Kits for kids - See list above. Russell Voss is interested in this project.
  • Every member to become a Centurion ie giving $100 per annum to the Rotary Foundation - Suggested last week by member, PDG Ian Sayers.
Member comments on last week's meeting (No.12)

President Kerrie also wrote on 3 July: 

Hi everyone,
Welcome to week 12. Thanks Brian for another good mix of material to read and watch. The list of Rotary fellowships seems to be growing and I would imagine there is at least one fellowship that would appeal to all of us. I thought the End Polio Now ride in Germany showed the internationality of Rotary and the involvement of the young girl to collect donations showed that the program has captured the attention of every age. The Sao Paulo convention summary was good (the size of the House of Friendship always gets me) but the best I think was Zara Grose. I was astounded by the depression statistics, had never actually stopped to think that fear is at the heart of our tendency to be over-serious (the fear that we are not good enough and / or that we won’t have enough) and her concluding comments and quotes are actually though provoking. I wrote down these few…
  1. Take the job seriously but yourself lightly;
  2. Worry is misery without result; and
  3. Our sense of humour is an untapped natural resource, carbon neutral infinitely renewable and environmentally friendly.
I’m hoping to use the third thought somewhere, sometime soon.
For the good of Rotary
Thanks to members who have put their hands up to help on various committees and thanks Ian for the Centurion contribution suggestion. I have asked Brian to include a little about the Centurion Club in a future week’s material and will have a membership form loaded onto the website around the same time.
I have had another enquiry for membership of the eClub and am working my way through the process of checking credentials. Please use your networks to identify people who you think could be members and who’s membership would make a difference to them and others.
Use this email to join the conversation (or our Facebook page) if you haven’t sent one already.


Ian Sayers wrote on 29 June


Another most interesting meeting.  I was actually in a position to sit and enjoy it as one of my major dramas is now over.  We had our annual Reserve Forces Day commemoration on Saturday at St John’s, Reid.  I followed the meeting in sequence so started by watching the two German guys on their bike ride.  It would have been good to have seen something of the country through which they rode, but I guess time was a constraint. 


The list of Rotary Fellowships was most interesting.  I learned a thing or two going through it and looking up the occasional website.  I used to belong to one, the Rotary Fellowship of Retired and Active Military Personnel, but it folded a few years ago.  I finished up joining, or at least I think  I’ve joined, the Rotary eClub Fellowship.  It was good to see the Sao Paulo Convention wrap-up.  I’m going to go into the Rotary International website to see if I can pick up more.


I enjoyed listening to (and watching ) Zara Swindells-Grose.  Thinking back to a couple of places in which I worked it would have been good for some of my work-mates, and bosses, to have heard her.  Without going into the sordid detail, I can recall one place in particular where any sign of humour was strictly frowned on.

As far as tasks are concerned, I’m happy to take on the Centurion scheme if everyone agrees to take it on.

Off to your old stamping ground this evening to represent the DG at RC Goulburn-Mulwaree’s changeover. 


Regards to all

Yours in Rotary


This officially ends meeting No.13

If you have an interesting topic, or project to share please contact me at briannorris1@bigpond.com
Thank you for joining us, we appreciate your feedback, hope you will return soon and invite a guest.