Posted by PS on Jul 21, 2018

Welcome to Meeting No. 143 of the Rotary eClub of Latitude 38 

Presidents Message

We need to get working on two fronts. Firstly, two new projects of which one needs to be in Australia and secondly, we need new members. The two are closely related. Please look at the projects page and see if you have a preference in that list and let me know. Maybe you might want to take it on yourself or suggest to me a new project. Membership flows from good projects I am sure you will agree.
This week I followed up on a lead given to me by the District Governor. I also wrote to the representative of a club that has just closed down suggesting that some of members of this club might become members of Latitude 38 or alternatively form a satellite club associated with us. We will see what comes of this.

I wish you a good week.

Brian Norris President.


This week's meeting material

The Power Of Light

An interesting article that I spotted on the Rotary website. Its a simple idea and the lights are easily installed. Rotary members from Durango, Colorado, USA, team with the Navajo Nation to bring solar lights to remote, off-the-grid homes on the country’s largest Native American reservation. 

lick Here to view the article
 Author Kate Sieber. Produced by Stuart Cleland
Click here to visit the Durango Daybreak clubs website to learn more about how they run their Navajo Solar Lights Project. An interesting idea for a project I thought.
TEDxSydney - The Science of Sunshine | Niraj Lal

One in seven households in Australia has solar panels on their roof – more than anywhere else in the world. But what’s actually going on in the shiny structures and how could Buddhist singing bowls and South American butterflies make them more efficient? Niraj Lal examines the science of solar and the future of sunshine. Nij is a Research Fellow at  Monash University and the CSIRO working on using nanophotonics for high-efficiency solar cells.

Click Here to watch the video


This officially ends meeting No.143.
If you have an interesting topic, or project to share please contact Pete at
Thank you for joining us, we appreciate your feedback, hope you will return soon and invite a guest.
Pete Showell