Welcome to Meeting No. 164 of the Rotary eClub of Latitude 38 

President's Message

We had an excellent joint meeting with the Rotary eClub of Melbourne on 5 December 2018. I spoke for a while on how we operate as a club well supported by 4 other members of our club and then we had a general discussion about Rotary and eClubs in general including the possibility of have joint projects. We will no doubt meet up with that club again and I hope it's not too long.

We have two members in the wings and we hope to be inducting them soon.
These members will bring us up to 19.

The Board meets on 14 January 2019 and I hope you can all join in. Attendance is not restricted. I also hope to have a general meeting on 21 January 2019 but more of this later.

...and don't forget our Vietnam Health Card project. The donation link is on our homepage under links.

I hope you are not all too busy at the moment and are looking forward to a restful holiday period.

Have a good week.

Brian Norris


This week's meeting material

A reminder of our current Vietnam project to purchase Health Insurance Cards for the needy in rural Vietnam ( read more about it below ). Please visit our GoFundMe page to support this very worthwhile project. Share via Facebook to help spread the word and make our first Vietnam project a great success. Vivienne Armstrong has also put an article about our project up on the Australian Rotary Health District 9820 page so please visit, like and share. Browse through the Facebook page and you will find some interesting health articles and some great photos. 


Club Spotlight - Rotary Club of Batemans Bay

First off I would like to show appreciation for RC Batemans Bay for their support of our Vietnam Health Insurance Card project. RC Batemans Bay is an active club chartered in June 1960. RC Batemans Bay have twinned with RC Intramuros, Manila to bring drinking and sanitation water to schools and communities on the main island of Luzon. RC Batemsnas Bay have contiuted towards ablution blocks in Kitwe, Zambia and quake-proof school buildings in Nepal. Visit their Facebook page and website for more details on these great projects.


Latitude38 Club Project - Vietnam Health Cards for the Needy

Every year each person in Vietnam must purchase a health insurance card to obtain free medical treatment and medication.  The cost of this card is VND 700,000 each (about $43 Australian dollars).  For Vietnamese who are very poor, the Vietnamese Government will subsidise between 70-90% of the cost of a health card for them, meaning those people only need to pay about $13 Australian dollars instead.  

This doesn’t sound much, but for poverty stricken families in remote and rural areas, the issue is how will they find the money to pay for a card for each family member. To afford the card what will families have to do without? 

SAPP (Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients) is an organisation in southern Vietnam who (amongst other welfare programs) generously aims to provide 2000 health cards each year to poor people in five targeted provinces.  This will enable families to not have to worry about how they will cope with illness or disease, and they can confidently send children to school, help the elderly contribute in the community and allow families to work towards improving their situation.

Rotary Club of Latitude38 is working with SAPP to fund some cards, but they need your help too.  The more you donate, the more cards can be distributed and this helps more children be the best they can be. That’s something we should all be doing……

Visit our clubs Go Fund Me page to support our first project in Vietnam.


Latitude38 Club Project - Supplies for ODA in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Rotary e-Club Latitude 38 donated the funds for the rice, washing powder, washing up liquid for distribution to ODA. They were very happy and thank the club for their kind donation.



December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month


This officially ends meeting No.164. Let me know on our Facebook group what you thought of the meeting material. Serious, leave a comment. It helps to get some feedback on the meeting and also to hear your thoughts and ideas. For club members go to the closed group here Closed Group Facebook page and for non members please leave a comment on our Public Facebook page, like, and share.


If you have an interesting topic, or project to share please contact Pete at pete@showell.com.au

Thank you for joining us, we appreciate your feedback, hope you will return soon and invite a guest.

Pete Showell