Welcome to meeting No. 39 of
the Rotary eClub of Latitude 38

President's Message
Welcome to Meeting No. 39. This week's meeting material includes two Rotary items: the fundraisng projects of Rotary eClub One and a video on Rotary Vocational Service from Melbourne. There is also a video showing the top 5 crowdfunding videos of 2014. This may be something we can pursue. Finally, there is a powerful talk by Margaret Heffernan about willful blindness.
I look forward to your comments on the meeting. Please start up a discussion on any of the topics. Thanks to those who participate in this way.
Enjoy the meeting and have a good week.
Yours in Rotary
Kerrie S.
This week's meeting material
  • Rotary eClub One - Projects for which they raise funds mainly through online donations
  • Rotary Vocational Service From Rotary District 9800 based in Melbourne Australia
  • TopCrowdfunding Videos - Something for us to think about?
  • The Dangers of "Willful Blindness" - Margaret Heffernan. Gayla Benefield was just doing her job — until she uncovered an awful secret about her hometown that meant its mortality rate was 80 times higher than anywhere else in the U.S. But when she tried to tell people about it, she learned an even more shocking truth: People didn’t want to know. In a talk that’s part history lesson, part call-to-action, Margaret Heffernan demonstrates the danger of "willful blindness" and praises ordinary people like Benefield who are willing to speak up.
Brian Norris
Website Manager 
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This officially ends meeting No.39
If you have an interesting topic, or project to share please contact me at briannorris1@bigpond.com
Thank you for joining us, we appreciate your feedback, hope you will return soon and invite a guest.