Welcome to meeting No. 54 of
the Rotary eClub of Latitude 38

June is Rotary Fellowships Month
Dr. Michael Kimmel
Dr. Michael Kimmel is one of the world’s leading experts on men and masculinities. He was called “the world’s most prominent male feminist” in The Guardian newspaper in London. He is the SUNY Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Stony Brook University. Among his many books are Manhood in America, Angry White Men, The Politics of Manhood, The Gendered Society and the best seller Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men. With funding from the MacArthur Foundation, he founded the Centre for the Study of Men and Masculinities at Stony Brook in 2
President's Message
Welcome to Meeting No. 54. This week's meeting material includes more information on Rotary Fellowships, a short video on older people and an address on the "boy crisis" given in May 2016. 
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This week's meeting material
  • The International Travel and Hosting Fellowship - This is an example of a Rotary Fellowship.
  • Do You See Me? - 2016 Film Program - For months film maker, Jane Schneider, has admired the work of Luke Atkinson on Instagram. His candid photos document the people he sees around the city – often solitary people, often elderly people. People you might walk straight past without even seeing. By connecting these images with interviews of children, this micro-doc challenges the way we see old people, particularly in public places, but also questions how we value old age itself.
  • Tackling The Boy Crisis - Michael Kimmel - In the world of gender studies, Michael Kimmel is what you might describe as an early adopter. He has spent much of the last forty years calling himself a feminist. But for a good deal of his career as an academic and writer, he has been thinking and exploring the behaviour of men, and believes that feminism can be men’s salvation. In this talk, he explains why we need to rethink the way we educate our boys to prevent them from falling through the cracks. 013.
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