Welcome to meeting No. 67 of
the Rotary eClub of Latitude 38

September is Basic Education and Literacy Month
1. Grant, Janet & Kerrie talk to Leng about the aquaponics system at ODA. 2.Heavy rain on the way to the floating village. 3. Kerrie and Janet buy shoes for village kids at the Central Markets in Siem Reap. 4. Finishing off the aquaponics improvements.- Pete and Heng, an ODA student. 5. A passing elephant. 6. Srey Ni, our guide at the Green Gecko Project. 7. The team in class at Grace House after distributing pencil cases and other items.  
President's Message
Welcome to Meeting No.67
This week's meeting material includes more information on the current Cambodian/Vietnam trip by a team of seven club members, some information on Rotary' s basic education and literacy program and a talk on altruism.
The club charter lunch will be held on Saturday 19 November 2016, 12 for 12.30pm at the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens, Cranbourne, Victoria. I hope that as many members as possible can attend. More details soon.
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Enjoy the meeting and have a good week.
Yours in Rotary
Kerrie S.
in Cambodia
This week's meeting material
  • The club's project in Cambodia and Vietnam - 9 - 24 September 2016 - The Club team in Cambodia has had a busy week in Siem Reap and in the nearby countryside. More information will be on the Facebook page shortly. There are photos spread through this week's meeting. 
  • Basic Education and Literacy Strategies - Basic education and literacy is one of Rotary’s six areas of focus. We know that basic education and literacy are essential for reducing poverty, improving health,
  • Why some people are more altruistic than others - Abigail Marsh. Why do some people do selfless things, helping other people even at risk to their own well-being? Psychology researcher Abigail Marsh studies the motivations of people who do extremely altruistic acts, like donating a kidney to a complete stranger. Are their brains just different?
Brian Norris
Website Manager 
Kerrie, Brian and Pete at Angkor
Club Projects 
  • Support of the Rotary Foundation
This officially ends meeting No.67.
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