Welcome to meeting No.7 of the eClub of Latitude 38.

Member comments on last week's meeting (No.6)
Our President Kerrie Schmidt, commented on 20 May as follows:

Hi everyone,


I hope this finds you all well.


Like each of you I have been busy balancing business, personal and Rotary commitments this past fortnight so found myself covering the material for weeks 5 and 6 yesterday and early this morning. Thanks Pete for reporting in and for leading the way. I trust that your trip went well and that you are now safely home in Canberra. We would like to hear about your experiences. Thanks too Ian for sharing your thoughts about the material posted for both weeks. If you could send me the list of resources that went into the ‘Kits for Kids’ that would be great.


The video of the young people at the RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment) in week 5 was energising and I found myself wondering if some of the activities they did would be good for the GO Youth (Give Opportunity to Youth) camps that are conducted by various clubs or whether they are better suited to an older age group. The video of the polio immunisation day brought tears to my eyes and I felt a tad guilty that I have never taken part in an immunisation day but have certainly helped raise the much needed funds to help eradicate the virus. Markus Zusak (week 5 “the Failurist”) certainly put an interesting spin of failure – I was reminded of that saying “if at first you don’t succeed…” or as my desk calendar says, ‘if at first you do succeed, try to hide your astonishment”.

The “Doing Good in Australia” video was a great demonstration of Rotarians thinking outside the square and it seems to be making a significant contribution to the future of remote communities and the lives of the young people that live there. The clip for the forthcoming Rotary International (RI) Convention in Sao Paulo was well done and certainly made me wish I was able to attend. I would normally try to go to an International Convention and had the Sao Paulo one on my wish list partly because my first exchange student (Julianna Grizzi) lives there. I heard from her recently and she is to become a mum later this year. I got lost in the Gregg Caruso presentation but it was probably more me than him and it was the last item to look through for the 2 weeks.


If you haven’t looked at the eClub toolkit could you do so please. It is a good way to show others what an eClub is and how it operates. I hope that you will share this resource with others that you know with a view to them joining us. As you can see from this distribution list we are getting close to having the requisite numbers to charter. I have attached an expression of interest in membership form for completion by those of you that have expressed interest in an email (but not done the formal paperwork yet) and others you know who would benefit from Rotary membership and could help us make a Rotary difference to others.


Have a good week.






PDG Ian Sayers commented on 20 May as follows:

Hi Brian and Kerrie

Well, at long last I finished the  Meeting No 6 content.  It took some doing, but there were some interesting bits.  I was particularly keen on the Rodeo Academy.

I finished up watching a few Sao Paulo promotions: very good but the ones I watched were in Portuguese …  I’m sorry but the only reason I would want to go there would be the possibility of catching up with Juliana. 

It was a pity the District 2450 website was dated.  How about the number of clubs in Egypt – many more than I would have thought.  I’m pretty sure that I met a Governor-elect from there at Anaheim in early 2002.  He told me that he wasn’t able to fly to some countries to visit all his club’s for fear of being shot down – he had to travel by sea.  I guess it’s a function of the number of countries in the District but there were masses of AGs, and another positions we don’t have here – Deputy District Governors.  It was a pity bits of the site, such as the Magazine section, weren’t available.

I watched the Gregg Caruso film twice.  I decided I must be getting old as, apart from what he said right at the end, I had a bit of trouble fathoming what he was on about.

On balance – all good.


Yours in Rotary


Thanks for your comments Kerrie and Ian.
This week's meeting material
(Contributions to future meetings are welcome)
24 May is Bermuda Day so I thought we could look at Rotary in that country. There are four clubs in Bermuda and it is part of District 7230 which includes New York City!! Visit the Rotary in Bermuda website at http://www.rotary.bm/
This week we have a number of activities for you to participate in.
  • Check out Rotary in Bermuda (see above).
  • I have left the eClub Toolkit for you to read again.
  • One Rotary video to watch on Australian Rotary Health.
  • Two educational/inspirational videos on goal-setting (shown at the Rotary Leadership Institute session in Sale on 24 May) and and skateboarding on Afghanistan.
We hope you will contribute to our meetings as you become more familiar about how the club operates.
Brian Norris
Website Manager 
Something for Members to read
One Rotary Videos to watch

Plus our regular weekly inspirational and educational features...

Possible items on our agenda for the futur

  • Partnership with Disaster Aid Australia
  • Development of a Crowdfunding scheme
  • Microcredit project - some interest from Pete Showell with this one.
  • Kits for kids - More information being sought.
Anyone interested in taking any of these projects on?
This officially ends meeting No.7

If you have an interesting topic, or project to share please contact me at briannorris1@bigpond.com
Thank you for joining us, we appreciate your feedback, hope you will return soon and invite a guest.