Welcome to meeting No. 77 of
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Hosted by the Rotary eClub of Ryde on 11 February 2017- Click on image for more details
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Louis-Albert De Broglie
January is Vocational Service Month


President's Message

Welcome to Meeting No.77
This week's meeting material includes Rotarians telling their stories, a piece on Vocational Service from District 9710 and an address on planting a garden as a political act.
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Kerrie S.
This week's meeting material
  • Share Your Rotary Story
  • What is Vocational Service - District 9710?
  • Why planting a garden is a political act - Louis-Albert De Broglie - Published on 4 May 2016

    Louis Albert explains the process of assessing scientific, economic and social results from the operating of the ‘Fermes d’Avenir’ (literally farms of the future), for the sake of understanding if these models of farms can be replicated and thus serve the multipurpose of changing the global paradigm. If according to permaculture principles, the problem is the solution, then micro agriculture is the solution to agriculture!

    Louis Albert de Broglie was an investment banker before dedicating his time and energy in the preservation of biodiversity. 25 years ago, he created the National Tomato Conservatory in the Loire Valley. Several years later, he saved and modernized one of the world oldest natural sciences institution - Deyrolle. He is now developing a model of micro-farming inspired by permaculture.


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