Welcome to meeting No. 88 of
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Alyson McGregor studies women's health, especially as it relates to emergency care — when time-sensitive, life-or-death decisions are made using drugs and treatments mainly tested on men
April is Maternal and Child Health Month

President's Message

Welcome to Meeting No.88
This week's meeting includes more information on this month's Rotary theme: the health of mothers and children  a website on Rotarians Against Malaria and an interesting video on the side effects of drugs on women.
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Enjoy the meeting and have a good week.
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Kerrie S.
This week's meeting material
  • Maternal and Child Health - A Rotary Area of Focus - The Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development (RFPD) is the official Future Vision resource for the area of focus “Maternal and Child Health“ and supports clubs and districts in planning and implementing professional projects in this area.
  • Rotarians Against Malaria - Rotarians Against Malaria is a volunteer-run organization working to eliminate malaria. The primary focus of RAM has been the distribution of insecticide-treated nets to vulnerable populations in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and more recently, Timor Leste. RAM has raised more than $1.6 million to eliminate malaria since 2003. RAM works in conjunction with the Ministry of Health authorities in each country and complements the work of other malaria organisations, most notably the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
  • Why medicine often has dangerous side effects for women: Alyson McGregor - You might not know this: Many of the medicines we take — common drugs like Ambien and everyday aspirin — were only ever tested on men. And the unknown side effects for women can be dangerous, even deadly. Alyson McGregor studies the differences between male and female patients; in this fascinating talk she explains how the male model became our framework for medical research ... and what women and men need to ask their doctors to get the right care for their bodies.
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