Welcome to meeting No.9 of the eClub of Latitude 38.

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This week's meeting material
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Congratulationsto Russell Voss and Panida on their recent marriage. As they are relocating to Thailand soon I thought we should look at Rotary in Thailand this week (See Rotary Club of Bangkok's website below).
This week we have a number of activities for you to participate in.
  • Some new member material to read.
  • Check out the Rotary Cub of Bangkok's website (See below)
  • A Rotarian's personal story to watch.
  • A video of an eagle flying from the top of the world's tallest building in Dubai (Supplied by member Tom Shanahan).
Brian Norris
Website Manager 
Something for Members to read
One Rotary Videos to watch

Plus our regular weekly inspirational and educational features...

Possible items on our agenda for the futur

  • Partnership with Disaster Aid Australia
  • Development of a Crowdfunding scheme
  • Microcredit project - some interest from Pete Showell with this one.
  • Kits for kids - More information being sought. Russell Voss is interested in this project.
Anyone interested in taking any of these projects on?
Member comments on last week's meeting (No.8)
Russell Voss wrote on 4 June:


The work of ROMAC & Rotary in Uganda pulled a few heart strings. What great outcomes.

I enjoyed Mile for Mile also, great outcome for a beautiful environment. Would be interesting to know more of what transpired beforehand & how the Project began, although there was one glimpse during the clip.

Our Wedding went well, as was our Honeymoon in Tasmania...(what a beautiful State). The four weeks Panida was here went so so fast.

Since then I have been back at work, off-loaded all my 'stuff', reduced my life possessions to 3 suitcases...yes...3 suitcases, moved out of my unit to 'dog-sit' for 2 weeks & will relocate again this weekend to a friends place until I relocate for the final time.

President Kerrie also wrote on 4 June: 

On the club's behalf I have written to President Roby of RC Mossman to congratulate the club on their 60th birthday and send our greetings.


ROMAC does wonderful work and the clip this week brought back some memories of young people I’ve seen benefit from the aid they received. I would encourage you to support ROMAC in any way you can. Similarly the Rotary Foundation. What great work it does and to see it in action in Uganda providing medical and other support to all those orphans.


Next stop Patagonia. I think the runners used the word exhilarating to describe their adventure. I would say it looked like hard work but clearly worth the effort. I particularly liked the fact that they recognised that farming could and needed to exist alongside nature and that local communities needed the farming for their economic, social and cultural survival.  I also liked the fact that the park will become handed over to the government once the conservation work is complete.


..and on 6 June Ian Sayers wrote from Cape York:


A very quick response as my fingers aren't the best on this minute keyboard. Yes!  Laurel and I have spent the last 10 days on Cape York. It's interesting Brian has picked out the Rotary Club of Mossman for special mention as we had a very happy several hours at Mossman Gorge on the way up here. At present we're on Thursday Island. And, yes, I made it to the Tip and have a photo to prove it. Must away. We're off to Horne Island shortly to explore some WW2 history.


Thanks to Russ, Kerrie and Ian for their comments.

This officially ends meeting No.9

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